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Disneyland-Seth Ruiz

In my opinion I believe that Disneyland is quite possibly the best place in the world to spend a vacation.

Why? The reason is not just the park and rides; it is also due to the fact that the environment is very cheerful. I know most thrill seekers will not enjoy the ride intensity compared to Six Flags, but its not just the rides that makes Disneyland the happiest place on earth. If you are the person that says , “Oh, Six Flags is way better because of the rides and that’s the only reason why I go there”. Then you are not grasping the point of a theme park. Disneyland does it completely right in every way. Even though Six Flags is more of a thrill seeking park; Disneyland has the better memories due to its many activities and environment. You can not go to Six Flags for the environment; it is simply terrible and not as enchanting as Disneyland’s.

Now for those of you that are thinking , “No, Disneyland is lame and for little kids”. You are being completely childish by just saying that. The truth is that Walt DIsney made the park for adults and children to adore. Yes, they have many kid-like stories; but that’s part of the magic of  Disneyland. If you seriously watch Disney movies and love them then do not complain about the park. The park is based and built around those stories. Therefore, by loving the childish Disney movies and hating Disneyland because of the rides based on them, you are very much a hypocrite. In one of the documentaries on Walt Disney he says himself that he built the park to be for adults and children. So why would you say its only for kids when it’s built around the very idea to be for all ages. In the whole entire park there is only one place that is childish. Due to this fact; how is the park childish? When the rest of it is not childish at all. Disneyland is a place for any age to come and have a great time. Let me enlighten you with some of the places in Disneyland.

Every moment inside the park will be remembered. Everywhere you look in the park you can see something that catches your eye. As you enter the park, right away you can notice that the scenery is outstanding. It will definitely be a moment you remember. From just entering the park you will already have saved one memory that you will enjoy remembering. The Main Street U.S.A. is simply breathtaking and you feel completely immersed in the scene. Once you go past Main Street U.S.A. you will find yourself in a fun predicament. There is four ways that you can choose to go and find yourself in different environments. Every environment is completely accurate and will have you saying , “Whoa.”.

If you go down your left path of the four you will find yourself in Adventureland and the path next to it will take you to Frontierland. By taking the middle path you will go to Fantasyland. Finally, by taking the right path you will go to Tomorrowland. Out of all these paths; the best one to take is the right one.

I can write about Disneyland for 100 more pages but i gave the most important reasons why i love Disneyland over Six Flags. You can never have a dull moment; at the happiest place on earth.

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