Walmart’s Bad Rep


Staff Writer

Wlamart Article... Shelby Jehle

So where is the one place that we all know and despise yet secretly find it fun to go to? WALMART!! Thats right, Walmart, the store known not only for its cheap prices and large amounts of products available, but also for its customers. The main thing we associate with Walmart is hilarious people that enter that store giving it such a bad reputation.

With things like a website completely devoted to the People of Walmart, it is no wonder that we judge this poor store so harshly. Approximately 300  pages of people from all walks of life, maybe with purple afros or possibly short shorts and knee socks with six inch heels, really make Walmart an interesting place to be. No matter the look or the situation, we judge so harshly, when in reality we should be supporting and feeling pride for a place that we can all enter in our scuzziest pair of pajamas to buy a random waffle maker at 11 o’clock at nigh,t like I have done for no apparent reason.

Another thing to address is the fact that we all shop there. I don’t know a single person that hasn’t been to Walmart at least once in their life. It is a store that all types of people of all different lifestyles can go to and enjoy the good deals and the freedom to look terrible and have nobody caring, yet we do care. People judge when Wal-Mart should just  be a place of freedom. Therefore, I say, we all shop there and usually come out with a little regret, but also a little extra cash in our pocket, so nobody has the right to really hate or judge Walmart, unless they have a viable reason of course.

I know that every single person that shops at Walmart looks at it as the lesser sad version of Target, but in all reality if you have to shop there it is really not that bad of a place at all. Now even if you’re still a little skeptical about Walmart you can’t deny that if you are just looking for something interesting to do with your friends one night at 2 am, going to our 24 hour Walmart on Mooney and seeing what or who you can find could be fun. It might be a crazy looking’ person in cat tights or it might be an amazing deal on frozen dinners, either way it’s going to be fun and rewarding. So take in that free layaway and love Walmart for all it has to offer instead of judging it and feeling ashamed to shop there.

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