The Text Neck Epidemic


Staff Writer

We all know technolText Neck Kayla Yasudaogy has its negative aspects on how it affects the world today: miscommunication, a gap between generations, and laziness. Although, a new set of problems have surfaced this year effecting our health physically. The Text Neck epidemic. Text Neck is diagnosed as an excessive amount of pressure on not just the neck, but the shoulders and spine area. This is caused by the neck being held in a downward position for a long period of time putting strain to your posture.

There has been a new addition to the App Store called The Text Neck Neck Indicator which lets you know when you have been looking at your phone for too long. It works by when the phone is held at an unacceptable viewing angle, putting the user at risk for text neck, a red indicator light is visible in the top corner and an optional vibration or beep notification can be added.

Regarding the seriousness of the Text Neck epidemic, some people feel that the whole generation of technology has its negative effects and putting emphasis on just Text Neck serves no purpose. Others feel as though we should address the problem head on. My position in this issue is a little bit of both. The neck is held in a downward position not only for phones, but these paragraphs are being typed as well. Reading a book, typing on a laptop, or writing an essay are all things that could put an excessive amount of stress on the spinal cord. Many other things can cause bad posture to worsen, but I do believe that it is something to be aware of. Of course being on an electronic device excessively has many consequences, and Text Neck is just something to add to the list.

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