Movie Review: Dumb and Dumber Too


Staff Writer

Movie Review Kaley McLain

Well it finally happened, Jim Carrey could sway the want for another movie no longer. The fans were unyielding and the result of such a burning desire ended with a terrible storyline conjoined with below-par humor. Bluntly and sadly to say, this movie does not live up to its former glory, in any way. I hate to see such an admiring star like Carrey fall into this downward spiral, but this doom began with the choice of creating a movie about penguins. It’s not his fault, he knew it was going to be bad, but he thought what the heck, I’m going to go through with it because I have nothing to lose.

This dynamic duo had the spotlight back then with their outrages jokes and uncanny outfits, and usually I would appreciate their art to the fullest extent, but in today’s time, they just look like a couple of geezers who are trying to get a small chuckle out of the mouths of their hard ball grandchildren. It was outdated and natural unauthentic for the most part. By attempting to revamp that old spark, they just ended up looking like a couple of sad lonely guys with too much money.

Accompanying the rubbish of laughter would definitely be the plot. The two are sentenced on a journey to find one of their presumed daughters and ask her for help. It’s filled with predictable wisecracks, and at times becomes an annoying look at the lost art of comedy. Needless to say, they had lost their touch. The daughter herself was, in nicest terms, an irritating mess. She couldn’t act for the life of her but she is not to be blamed because the script alone played a large role in ruining this movie. It was back and forth banter for no apparent reason, and I presume thats what the creators intended. Might I just add, for my last and final opinion, that this show was a sure fire mistake, for which I had high hopes in watching with my father on a warm Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t anything close to the original masterpiece and regretfully left me with a terrible taste in my mouth and the want for my money back.

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