Time Travel

by Tommy VanTichelt

Staff Writer

Time Travel Tommy V.I love the thought of altering time. Or multiple time periods happening at once. It always gives me an interesting perspective on how much your choices affect others. One of my favorite movies is called Mr. Nobody because of this exact thing. The whole movie you’re confused about which one of his “lives” is the real one, but the whole point of the movie was the fact that none of them was the “real” him because each life was just as important as the other. And as confusing as the movie was for some people, the answer to all the questions was as simple as that. And I guess that’s what I liked about it. No matter what choices you make or what path you take in life, it has just as much meaning as any other. However, I don’t believe time actually exists. Time is just something man thought of to keep track of the days, but really the universe just keeps moving forward at a constant state of dissipation. It never moves backwards. And to even create something that could make it move backwards would be impossible and on a universal scale and for what reason would you even do it? Why would you even want to go back and change anything even if you could? You wouldn’t only be changing your life but everyones life around you. You could cause someone to not even be born, and in theory kill off an entire line of human beings. You could accidently meet yourself and mess up everything, because if you saw yourself, you might never have tried to go back in time  because you set yourself on a different course. Maybe you seeing yourself is the reason you created something to go back in time, but that would make much sense either. Time is just one giant paradox. So don’t have any regrets and make your decisions right the first time. Make them right and be the person your dog thinks you are. Try to bring as much as you can to this stressful human existence and make sure you’re having fun.

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