The Hobbit- The Battle of the Five Armies


Staff Writer

The time is almost here. It is The Hobbitgoing to be the very last installment of not only The Hobbit  but anything related to The Lord of the Rings. So I’m going to try and hold myself together while writing this article. The movie will be released on December 17 and as expected the premiere is scheduled at 12:00 am. Many expectations are set for this movie: some dwarves, a dragon, and lots of tears.

The book The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is about 300 pages long, or should I say short. That means each movie is broken up to 100 pages and each movie is approximately three hours. By the judge of the given information anybody could conclude that the trilogy is a bit elongated.  There are some parts in the previous movies that feel dragged out with added useless scenes. Extra situations such as a hopeless romance, a set of new characters, and distorted character developments. Other complaints surround the fact that this book is more for a child’s pleasure but in the films the scenes portray as much more violent. Despite these cons it just adds to the feeling of a love/hate relationship.

On the love side, there’s the fact about how amazing the soundtrack is. A selection of songs are re-done for it being the last addition to the series. Hearing a song that you have heard all the way back to The Lord of the Rings personally is very sentimental, and the most heartbreaking news yet is that Billy Boyd is singing the very last song on the soundtrack.  Billy Boyd plays one of the hobbits named Pippin in The Lord of the Rings. Pippin has a scene in The Return of the King where he sings a song called Edge of Night which is also part of The Walking Song– a poem in the books. It is like having an old friend coming back, but instead of making you feel alright it just makes it much more tragic.

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