Thanksgiving Meals


Staff Writer

The leaves are chanThanksgiving meals Kaleyging to their most anticipated shades of warmth and color; and with this, the autumn breeze sends in the welcoming aroma of Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. Just as your grandparents grew up scooping in their mouths, this beautiful holiday tradition sends one’s taste buds soaring up into the sky.

Now what is it that makes the perfect Thanksgiving grub? Many would argue a turkey over ham, or green beans over corn. But the truth lies in the cooking itself. Every year we hear the same conversation: “The secret ingredient is love!” Spoken from the sweet and innocent grandma with withered hands from weeks of preparation, as the various chitter chatter filter through the living room air.

Of course the main dish, turkey, steals the show. Perfectly golden brown and mouth-watering aroma make it to be the most popular as the Thanksgiving tradition. Truthfully, I think the golden part of this holiday lies within the stuffing. I’m still not exactly sure what this magical plate consists of, but I am sure of one thing, it leaves me stuffed!

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that you celebrate what one is truly thankful for, whether is to be from the past year or simply the wonderful meal in front of you. Not only is it to show what you’re thankful for, but you are allowed to eat a massive amount of food in one day; what could beat that?

Here’s a list of the most superb dishes to add to your Thanksgiving day menu:

  • Glazed Ham
  • Golden Turkey
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Cornbread
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Cheese or Mashed Potatoes with a river of Gravy
  • Glazed Carrots or Vegetables

Now all of these plates can easily satisfy your Thanksgiving cravings, but the last and most important thing: dessert. It can range from any type of pie or cake but my personal go-to: my grandmother’s famous ol’ fashioned cheesecake.

Now that your mouth is watering and your taste buds are tingling, it’s time to set the table and wash your hands. Finally the dinner has come for family, friends, and the simple idea of sending thanks.

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