Taking AP Classes


Staff Writer

If you have everHannah Johnston AP CLASSES heard a student taking an AP class say it is easy, they’re lying. That, however, is the point of an AP class: to challenge us, to prepare us for college, and to test just how much stress students can handle before having a break down.

AP classes are challenging, and there is a lot of work involved, but the amount of opportunities that arise from taking an AP course is astonishing. By passing the AP test, students could receive college credits, and by taking multiple AP courses, they could possibly start out college as a sophomore. That itself would save parents thousands of dollars in tuition.

AP classes are meant to challenge us as students. The shear fact that we have to do homework and class work to do well can improve a student’s work ethic. The amount of work prepares students for the harsh reality of college and college courses. AP classes can be stressful, timed essays almost once a week and chapters of homework each night is definitely a lot of work. The stress and hard work a student puts in is all worth that high GPA we can now feel we have fully earned.

Most AP teachers say a B in an AP class looks better to colleges than an A in a regular level class. Colleges love to see students really challenging themselves throughout their high school career.

Yes, the workload is heavy, and yes, you might want to pull your hair out at least once the whole year while you are doing your homework. But the advantages to an AP class will hopefully outway a students laziness.


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