Social Media Manager

Pinterest-AshleighSocial Media has made an impact on our world today in positive ways. It is a system of promoting products, learning new ideas, and communicating. One social media website in particular, named Pinterest, is one of these sites where you do all of these things. Pinterest was founded in March 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra and has grown in popularity since. It is a wide range of people who share creative crafts, clothing arrangements, food recipes, photography, etc. For instance, wedding planning has become so much easier now because of Pinterest. There are ideas shared by other people around on how to make table pieces, or ideas for decorations, or pictures of dresses and suits. This is one of many examples of how Pinterest is more than a social media website, it is a place of creativity and inspirations for those who pin everywhere. DIY (Do it yourself) became huge since Pinterest has come around with its own category on the site. Or if you are thinking about getting a haircut, take a look on Pinterest and find different cuts, colors, and styles to choose some for your next hair decision. It may sound girly, but Pinterest could also be useful for men as well. Yes, men. There are categories for men’s fashion, cars and motorcycles, tattoos, sports, etc. Now, what you have to do is go to the App store and download Pinterest for free or visit the website and make an account to try it out yourself. The way Pinterest works is with your account you can follow people you know or people you come across with good ideas. Next, you find categories you are interested in and it displays pictures, or how to’s, and you “pin it” and it shares with the community of Pinterest. You even have the option to share your own ideas. It is a website that connects people all around the world in an encouraging way sharing such innovative ideas.

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