Netflixsion Addiction


Staff Writer

Netflix Addiction... Shelby Jehle

Binge-watching: to watch at least four episodes of a television program. That definition right there applies heavily to Netflix which we all know, love, and perhaps are addicted to. As the years have progressed, Netflix’s popularity has doubled and continues to increase as time goes on. As of 2013-2014 Netflix has become a part of everyday life. You can not get through a day without hearing the word Netflix. This addiction that people now have has made the company $1.34 billion in revenue and that number continues to climb.

People of all ages can access Netflix and they do so quite often on any form of technology be it TV, phone, or computer, there is no escaping it. We used to have places such as Blockbuster and Redbox which are now becoming obsolete but with those movie options, we would actually have to leave the house in order to go get the movie, now we don’t have to. Right in your home, your comfy living room you have your own personal addictive theater 24/7 for around the price of $7.99 a month for current customers and soon to be $8.99 for new members.

Now with more subscribers like Orange is the New Black, Netflix has become more popular than ever. Giving people specific shows only accessible through Netflix itself. This  is how they keep people glued to the screen. Not only can you watch almost every show and movie out there but you can catch up on most every season you have missed,  therefore making it possible to watch any new show your friend tells you to check out. This Netflixion Addiction has become a part of everyday lives and will continue to be in them so long as we are supplied with our favorite shows and movies whenever we feel like binging.

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