Death of the Turkeys


Staff Writer

Death of the Turkeys

Thanksgiving is here, time to put the turkeys in the oven! As much as I enjoy giving thanks to friends and family, I must admit it saddens me to be a part of the killing of turkeys for my enjoyment. Let it be known that 45 million turkeys are killed in the U.S. each year for Thanksgiving! It is extremely horrifying to picture innocent turkeys being rattled up and thrown around for a holiday we are supposedly “giving thanks to.” What about the turkeys? Who stands up for the turkeys and gives thanks to them?

This country needs to realize that what we are doing to these turkeys is completely humiliating. I strongly encourage that we Americans choose an alternative besides having the death of an innocent animal center one’s Thanksgiving table. As well as, I strongly advise all to research how much torture turkeys undergo in the slaughterhouse just to satisfy our hungry stomachs. I promise you after watching even one video on the process of getting turkeys ready for Thanksgiving, you will never even think about having another turkey meal.

However, I love Thanksgiving. I love how the holiday brings family and friends together. I love the laughter and the joy. Although, all things considered, I cannot enjoy the love I have for this holiday without having the thought of all the turkeys being killed and eaten in homes throughout America. That is why I encourage each and everyone of you to take your part on putting an end to the death of the turkeys and say no to turkey on Thanksgiving!

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