Vandalism of the Golden West Pool


Staff Writer

Rivalries are common fun among tGolden West poolhe Visalia high schools. However, the line needs to be drawn when it comes to destroying other’s property. On the Wednesday night during Battle week, people jumped the fence and entered the Golden West pool deck. Unknown people left a mattress on the side of the pool with profanity spray painted on; the tarp racks were pushed into the pool after most of the tarps had been pulled off.

Golden West’s pool was also vandalized earlier this summer. Someone smashed the record board, threw the glass in the pool, and spray painted over all the names of the record holders. The two recent incidents have been costly. The vandalism occurred the night before the water polo teams were set to duke it out for the annual Battle for the Paddle. There are still rumors circulating about who trashed the pool. Most of Golden West believes that it was the water polo team; some people are lead to believe that it was students at Golden West trying to make El Diamante look classless. However, it very well could have been students at El Diamante trying to make a funny joke. No one found it comical. It reflect poorly on the school as a whole and fueled Golden West’s fire to win both the Paddle and the Saddle. The vandals still have not been caught and probably won’t be. This action not only looks bad on the people who did it, but it also makes the water polo teams look like poor sports. Is that the reputation we want our school to have? People need to realize that they represent El Diamante on and off campus.

This prank was unnecessary and makes the school look trashy. Rivalry week is supposed to fun, but it is not give students the right to vandalize the rival schools.


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