The Extinction of Bookstores


Staff Writer

You have a day to spendExtinction of Bookstores with yourself so you decide to go to the bookstore. You pick up a book that catches your eye and you become totally immersed in it once you sit down with a cup of coffee from the joint cafe. But that was a couple of years ago. Now since you have the day to yourself you can make a cup of coffee while turning on your eBook without even going a mile radius.  Good or Bad?

The year 2007 was the start of transferring paper onto a screen with Kindle promoted by Amazon. Getting books delivered to you by Amazon was already a big deal, now that we have access to thousands of virtual novels the world of technology has grown into a universe. And then two years after Barnes and Noble came up with the Nook. If you think about it, this is a smart move because soon when the sales of virtual books rise the proceeds still go to the company. And this is also the reason why Barnes and Noble is still standing, for now. In our current year of 2014 now 50% of Americans have access to a device that can provide you an electronic book. An important benefit of this revolution is that the book industry has boomed, just not the physicality of books.

Bookstores slowly begin to serve no purpose. Why go out of your way to purchase a book when you can just download it? But there is the journey of it. When you enter the bookstore you enter a world of so many atmospheres enclosed from cover to cover. And it is your choice to decide which world you will enter along with so many bookworms in the same aisle. Once you decide to purchase the book you take the drive home giddy with excitement while glancing at the cover in the passenger seat. The moment when you open the book and feel the pages with your fingertips and the smell of a library is when you are home. And the moment when you are completely engulfed with these fictional characters, on the edge of your seat, your fingers tremble each time you turn the page. Once you are done with the story, you keep the book beside your bed. Like something that will always be there because of the interpersonal connection you both share. Those actions, words, memories, and feelings you shared are not irreplaceable, not even with an electronic device. If you cry from a sad book the pages soak them up, if you cry from a sad book on a Kindle it would self destruct.

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