Sports “Appreciation”

by Tommy VanTichelt

Staff Writer

Coming from someSports-Appreciation-Tommyone in this year’s senior class of 2015, a former member of the Marching Miner, being good friends with many of my peers who are in the drama department, and of course, writing for the school newspaper, I’ve seen quite a few things wrong with the way our school handles these subjects. As well as the fact that we idolize our sports (mainly football). I’ll try to say this as professionally as possible, but the truth is, it sucks! Coming from the perspective of the band, we deserved far more recognition than we got. We had repeatedly taken first at the Visalia Band Review for 10 years in a row, as well as taking home the banner for championships multiple times. Not to mention the hard work and dedication that band takes. Despite what people think, band is not an easy thing to do when your teacher will settle for nothing less than the best in his students.

I’ve also heard that our old yearbook room, that they used to use, was replaced with couches and projector so the football team can watch replays and highlights. Not to mention they already spent money on EXPANDING the weight room which required a lot of work and all the while messing up our blacktop while doing it. Leaving rubble and large cracks behind. All for the better of our sports, right? Because that’s what makes the most money. Have you seen our biology books? They’re destroyed. Another thing to mention would be the fact that the computers in our computer labs are starting to become outdated and most of the time far too frustrating to even use. Another thing that bothers me would be the fact that our drama department and all performing arts, for that matter, don’t get nearly enough attention as they should. Drama puts hilarious one-acts on every year. And trust me when I say this, they’re hilarious; plus they work hard to make it happen. And this goes for all performing arts, band, drama, choir, orchestra,dance, you name it. This school does not revolve around football the way they think it does.

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