Hunger Games goes Theatrical


Staff Writer


So as we all know, for the pThe Hunger Games... Shelby Jehleast few years the Hunger Games Trilogy has been all the hype and now we are going onto the third movie in this series on November 21st, 2014. As exciting as this already is for many people, I now have some news for you… The Hunger Games is going theatrical, like literally on a stage live in front of an audience! So what do we think of this?

Usually live performances are amazing and many movies have gone to the stage like Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beat, etc., but should The Hunger Games? If you notice there’s a common occurrence…Those are all Disney films and they were all cartoons, and The Hunger Games is already live actors just on screen. I compare this situation to actors like Jennifer Lawrence herself who take on a major memorable role and then attempt to go onto other films as a whole new character. It is hard to see her as any other character other than Katniss. This situation might be like that too where if this majorly know trilogy tries to change its stage and tries to go to an actual live theater people may not respond to well.

The great thing about The Hunger Games the way it is, is that we can go to the theater with our blankets, candy, popcorn, and snuck in drinks and just watch Peeta and Katniss do their thing on the big screen for a modest price. Now if they move on to a stage that by the way is in London, yes I said London right next to Wembley Stadium that is being built specially for this event, then I’m about a good 94% sure that not many people from this neck of the woods will see it. So all in all, if you are willing to spend the few thousand to get to London, England and see this new production that will be coming out in 2016 then this is great for you, but to all the normal people out there I’m sure you’re completely fine sticking to our nice comfy theaters right here in town just a short 5 minute drive from home and only costing you around $20. Maybe in the future if and when this production reaches our Fresno Staples Center this could be something interesting to go see, but for now The Hunger Games should just stick to the big screen, I mean they’re already making millions off of these films so going stage is not really necessary.

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