Falling into Fall


Staff Writer

It is time to break out the cardigans, the hot cocoa, and start the bonfires – Fall is here. Although the weather hasn’t been quite as cold and raining as some may like, the other aspects of Fall are still making their appearances.

Stores are placing shorts and summer clothes on clearance, while they stock up on jeans and hoodies. High waisted shorts and crop tops are being stored away while we break out our scarves and boots.

Starbucks is bringing back the signature “red cup”, and McDonald’s is stocking up on their seasonal coffees. Pumpkin pies are present at stores all over town, and peppermint hot cocoa is a fan favorite.

Fall is not just a change in weather, fashion, or treats; it a sign of the holidays soon to come. Thanksgiving is right around the corner – along with Christmas and the New Year, and holidays mean vacation!

Fall is also a change in mood. The long, late nights of summer are over, and the cold, foggy days are soon to come. But what’s the one thing that comes to mind when you think Fall?. . . Whether it be the change in leaves, a time for bonfires, a chance to curl up and watch movies, or a change in weather, Fall is a beautiful season, and although the valley is not covered in snow or stormed with rain, Fall is still here – in the little ways.

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