Staff Writer

Perez Michelle AlexFromTarget

Social Media has done it again folks! Unless you live under a cave, most of the world now knows Alex from Target. Alex, being a normal guy who happened to have his photo taken while packing groceries, has been turned into a teen hearthrob.

When I first saw this on my twitter feed I did not think much of it, considering it was not a big deal. Although, I was wrong. Not even an hour later, Alex from Target was EVERYWHERE. At that moment, it came to my realization that this is what the world has come to. Except, I can not blame Alex from Target, but instead blame the ones who supported this insignificant fame.

Furthermore, it is incredibly shocking for me to see my generation make complete fools take out of themselves. Here is an idea! This generation should start focusing more on solving global issues than following the latest Twitter trends! Especially, since teens had the power to make Alex worldwide, it only makes me question what would happen if teens supported the awareness of those global issues worldwide?

Aside from the madness of the Alex from Target controversy, it is only realistic to say that this will eventually blow over. As well as another person will become internet famous and take his place. Therefore, I can only accept that the social media cycle is never ending. I only hope that this generation will choose to make someone who has done good for this world be the next phenomenon.

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