Saddle Week


Staff Writer


Battle for the Saddle is pure Miner dSaddleomination this year having its huge 10th year anniversary at the Groppetti Stadium against Golden West High. So much going on, on both campuses from costumes, pranks, and the official Saddle Rally. Festivities kicked off with dress up days while students got creative and showed up to school in their out-of-this-world costumes.

Friday had every student eagerly waiting for the 2nd period bell to ring so they could hurry to the Mine Shaft to get good seats. Cheerleaders and the In Motion dance team performed in their biggest rally, nailing every move. Each senior football player gets introduced one by one as they walk out into the spotlight having their moment because this is what they’ve worked so hard for.

Coach Rogers made an appearance and leading the whole student body in the “I Believe” chant. Then, captains fight off Golden West zombies for the Saddle interpreting that they will bring home the Saddle.

The week intensely coming to an end meaning game time! The El D Miners go head on against the Golden West Blazers to take home the Saddle. Losing it in 2011 after having it since 2005, but immediately taking it home the next year and keeping it since. Football has practiced and worked so hard throughout the year for this game. Student Section got pumped and spirited, dressed in all green, white and blue from head to toe as the football players make their way onto the field.

Losing to Golden West 33-13, the saddle will not remain in its true home as the Blazers take the win for the 2014 Battle for the Saddle.

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