Eric Frein Captured


Staff Writer

After a frightful manhunt that went on for nearly 50 days, Eric Frein has finally been captured.

The 31 year old fugitive has been one of the 10 Most Wanted after being accused of ambushing a Pennsylvania State Police trooper and killing another on September 12. Frein has been searched for, nonstop, ever since Pennsylvania Police and others have been investigating as to where Frein could be hiding.

Troops believed he had been in his large backyard which he knew perfectly well since he was just a young child. But since Frein was the only one who knew every inch of his backyard woods, it made it extremely harder for Pennsylvania Police to capture the fugitive when only he appeared to know his own hiding spots. Also since Frein stashed food and water it was even more difficult to get him to come out of those woods because he had many survival supplies.

Many residents and neighbors nearby were left without sleep during this whole search. They feared that Frein could have been hiding in their own backyard. Many schools and events have also been canceled due to Frein still being on the loose.

After the long search, Frein was finally spotted living in an abandoned airplane hanger at Birchwood Pocono Airport. The fugitive was taken in by a team of marshals. Frein did not resist arrest or give the marshals a hard time. He appeared to just go down on his knees to be handcuffed. The Pennsylvania Police also found a sniper, two pipe bombs, ammunition and many other weapons. During the capture none of the weapons were used and no one was hurt as well. Frein was also in good condition and said that he did not require medical attention.

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