The Hydrocephalus Walk of 2014


Staff Writer

Over 1,000,000 people are currently liHannah J. Hyrdocephalus Walkving with Hydrocephalus in the U.S. today. For every 1,000 babies that are born, one to two of them will have Hydrocephalus. “Hydrocephalus is a condition, not a disease”( Hydrocephalus is an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid or CSF that gathers in cavities of the brain. CSF fluid surrounds the brain and the spinal cord as a protective cushion. When there is an “imbalance” of CSF, the cavities in the brain, or ventricles, begin to swell and increase the pressure inside the head.

Hydrocephalus has no cure, and requires many brain surgeries. The Hydrocephalus Walk and Hydrocephalus Association are working to raise awareness of this condition.

Mr. and Mrs. Fjelstrom have experienced this condition first hand with their youngest son Oliver. Oliver was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at 2 months old, and of the six years of his life, he has under gone 5 surgeries.

The Fjelstrom’s started the Hydrocephalus Walk six years ago after their son was diagnosed to raise awareness of this condition. And on Saturday October 12, they were joined by multiple members of the El Diamante staff and Key Club members in their walk for Oli. Mrs Fjelstrom says, “The highlight of the walk was having 12 El D Key Club members volunteering, and that made all the difference.” The Hydrocephalus Walk is growing each year as it continues to raise awareness and support those with the condition.

You can learn more information about this condition, treatments, and research at, and hopefully join the Fjelstrom family and many others at the Hydrocephalus Walk next year to help raise awareness.


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