The Importance of Art


Staff Writer

Originality, empathy, and  self expression – all are results of admiration and utilization of art in our community.  Art is not like the rest; art is freedom, beauty, awareness; art is for everyone. To me, art is a release, somewhere I can pour myself into and get exactly what I need. Art is a big part of my life, and for many young adults, art is the only way they can fully express themselves to no limit.

Imagine schools stop funding art programs and art classes.  No dance, no choir, no drama, no band or orchestra, no studio or 3d art; meaning no dance or drama shows, no choir or orchestra concerts, not even any decorative posters around campus or swinging tunes at the football games.  Life would be colorless and bland. Students would be parched for freedom expression. These programs, not just for this campus, are too important to the lives of students and staff to take away. If we do not have art, we do not have the basic elements who make up who we are.

The importance of art is more than just for ourselves as well. If we can pass down our ideas and thoughts to further generations, we can change the way we think and the way we act and the way we see this world. When we create or dance ,when we make art, we show the world how we see it through our own eyes. When we sing or play, or make beautiful music, we send a gift to the universe, to all who listen. Not to mention pre-occupying high school students statically lowers rates of danger and misbehavior.

To say our community needs art is an understatement.  Art brings out our true self, and without it, we would be bottled up inside; unsure and unaware of our nature. It brings us to life, the importance of art is essential. A wise man once said, “Art  enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

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