State Champs


Social Media Manager

“I fell asleep in a city that doesn’t.”

State Champs, a pop-punk band from Albany, New York is on a roll this year. They kicked off the summer at Warped Tour and gave all their energy in their performance. The crowd was full of energy and was one of the best sets I saw that day. They really impressed me with the passion they showed for their music. After Warped I decided to look up their albums and see how it compared. They released their first self titled EP in 2010 and it all started from there. They then had their second released EP “The Finer Things” in 2011. In the year of 2012, it was announced that they would be signed to Pure Noise Records. This label also signed known pop-punk bands such as The Story So Far, Four Year Strong, and Elder Brother who performed at Warped Tour this summer too. They then released “Over Slept” their first album with Pure Noise in 2012. It was a warm up for the more known album “The Finer Things” that released in 2013 which is my favorite. With their name getting out in a fall tour with Motion City Soundtrack then advertisment for Warped Tour, State Champs was ready to take on 2014. They are now getting ready to headline a national tour with Pure Noise and other bands signed with the label. In hype for the tour they released “The Acoustic Things” two weeks ago. It contained a few of the songs with “The Finer Things” played acoustic and the addition of two new songs. The album had a great sound but the need for an acoustic album seemed a little unnecessary. This week they have announced a collaboration with “Punk Goes Pop” in November. State Champs has been a band to watch this year and it is only the beginning for this pop-punk band.

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