Pennsylvania Double Homicide Case


Staff Writer

Raghunandan Yandamuri of Norristown, Pennsylvania has recently been accused of killing a ten month old infant girl and her grandmother in what is being suspected as a robbery and ransom kidnapping turned deadly.

Twenty seven year old, Yandamuri is serving as his own lawyer, facing the possibility of the death penalty. As the case goes, he had broken into his friend’s family’s home, while the parents were at work, with a grandmother and baby there. He knew the family personally and used this to his advantage, such as knowing when they would be gone. To support his gambling addiction, he had planned to steal some money, supposedly without the intention to hurt anybody. But what he says what happened was that when the grandmother tried to forcefully stop him, he “accidently” killed her in a struggle involving a knife he carried. As for the baby, he put a handkerchief over her mouth to quiet her and left her in a filthy, unused sauna in a basement fitness center and when he returned hours later, she was unconscious.

Though he did end up stealing a substantial amount of jewelry, the police forced him to confess to the murder crimes. But later on, Yandamuri claimed that the murders when committed by two other men. He also says the police denied him any phone calls from prison, infringing on his rights as a prisoner, saying that he wife would have been his alibi.

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