New Jersey High School Hazing Scandal


Staff Writer

Rape is the compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse. Not according to the Sayreville football team before running onto the field for their big homecoming game on Friday.

Their entire football season has been cancelled and the allegations beyond shocking. It is common for upperclassmen to pull pranks on the underclassmen, perhaps tradition, but when the football team allegedly sexually hazed freshmen in the locker room, it crossed a legal line.

Upperclassmen allegedly flipped off the lights as they sexually assaulted four of their younger players on four different occasions. It was reported that one or more of the teens “held the victims against their will, while other juvenile defendants improperly touched them in a sexual manner” says Prosecutor, Andrew Carey. The Superintendent has put this year’s football season at a standstill because of the allegations.

Parents are outraged. Who is to blame? The coaches? The school for not noticing it or preventing this from happening? What will the school do after this allegation?

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