Issues Band Review


Staff Writer

Issues is an American metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. The band consists of Tyler Carter on clean vocals, Michael Bohn unclean vocals, Josh Manual on drums, AJ Rebollo on guitar, Skyler Acord on bass, Ty Acord on keyboard, Case Snedecor on drums, and Ben Ferris on synthesizer. Each member of the band brings something new to the band as a whole. Although they associate themselves with the metalcore genre they’re a mixture of nu-metal with the influence of R&B. Tyler Carter and Michael Bohn are also former members of the band Woe, Is Me and A Path Less Traveled. The band is signed to Rise Records. I’ve personally seen Issues perform live and their stage presence is astounding. If the crowed isn’t pumped, they’re getting the crowd pumped. They address common issues in their music (hence the name “Issues”) and put it into amazing lyrics. They honestly just sound sick.

They even did a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” and did it so much justice; someone who hates Justin Bieber would then love that song. They write amazing songs for sensitive topics on things such as toxic relationships and even abuse. They bring light to dark corners that some people are afraid to speak on. They have an amazing album, an EP, singles, and some amazingly done music videos to go along with someone of their more emotionally oriented songs. Honestly, Issues is one of my favorite bands as well as Tyler and Michaels Previous band, Woe, Is Me. They just know how to have fun when they’re performing and to make everyone else have a good time. There are just so many different tones and sounds to their music that each member of the band brings to the table. It’s almost like taking 3 genres and mashing them into one nu metal child. Everyone should check them out!

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