Gun Control


Staff Writer

Gun control has been debated for quite some time now and there are many different views on how this should be handled. Many believe that in order to stop gun violence, we should outlaw guns.  To do this would obviously be to no avail; people will get what they want, when they want it, regardless of its legality. The issue that we face are the minimal laws we have around this weaponry. There are other ways to control who has a gun and what they do with it.

For example, the government could set up tests in which people would be gauged on their mental states.There’s a statistic that says signs of mental illness does not show up until the age of 26; there should be a yearly test for those who own guns to ensure that they are mentally stable enough for such weaponry. The tests should be for both those already owning guns, and those who wish to.

I feel that if we were to set up these tests for people, it would help to control the amount of murders in this country. I think that it is okay to own a gun for protection, don’t get me wrong. To help decrease the amount of shootings that happen however, it would be a good idea to take away the guns from those who show signs of a mental illness. By doing so it would give off a slimmer chance of someone getting injured by this certain someone in the future.

This is one other way guns can be controlled other than just taking them away. It would be impossible to get rid of guns in general because there would always be a way to get one. Therefore, making sure everyone is on the same page of a mental state is a better form or control.

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