Girl vs. Sports Retail


Staff Writer

A 12-year-old girl from Arizona called out Dick’s Sporting Goods for failing to include female athletes in its 2014 basketball catalog and got plenty of backup on the web.

Now the company’s CEO has responded and offered to apologize in person to McKenna Peterson and her family.

McKenna’s letter to the company, which her father tweeted, drew attention to the lack of gender equality in its latest basketball ads.

“I think that girls should be treated as equally as boys are treated,” McKenna wrote. “I, myself, enjoy playing and watching basketball, WOMENS basketball.”

The self-proclaimed “Fabulous Basketball Player”(McKenna Peterson) was praised on Twitter for bringing attention to the issue.

Although the basketball catalog does include women, they are portrayed in passive or supportive roles: “sitting in the stands” or “mentioned once in the catalog for some shoe ad” or as “cheerleaders on some coupons.”

A Dick’s representative later contacted the family by phone.

They said that they liked her letter and that in future publications they will consider putting more women in the catalog. It was a very nice conversation that McKenna re-stated her opinion that there needs to be more girls represented.

Dick’s CEO Ed Stack addressed McKenna’s concerns in a letter the company posted to Twitter. Stack said Dick’s “messed up” and promised to include female athletes in the next basketball catalog. He also offered to meet with the family during a future trip to Arizona.

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