Former national team player calls US Soccer to take action against Hope Solo


Staff Writer

Hope Solo, the goalkeeper of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, has been accused of assaulting her sister and her 17 year -old nephew. Solo now awaits trial and has been receiving nothing but support and words of encouragements from fellow national team members. That is, until now. One of Solo’s former teammates now raised her voice, standing up against the U.S. Soccer Federation’s decision to let Solo play before her domestic violence case has been resolved.

Jill Loyden writes in an opinion article for the USA Today that U.S. Soccer  “need[s] to communicate that domestic violence is never OK and that it will not be tolerated.” Loyden acknowledges that it is hard to speak out about these issues, especially one that involves such a close friend and mentor, but says that she “cannot stand by as young fans receive the message that this behavior — even if the allegations proved to be inaccurate — can go unnoticed.” Loyden feels that it is her duty to speak out about such issues, especially because it hits so close to home; her sister, Britton, was allegedly murdered by her fiance in a domestic violence case. Since then, Loyden has dedicated herself to raising Britton’s son and to raising awareness for domestic violence. Loyden says, “I have experienced domestic violence at the worst level — losing my best friend, losing my hero, losing my sister, and if I haven’t had the courage to say anything yet, how can I expect other people to do that when I haven’t done so myself?”

Still, amidst the controversy, US Soccer stands firm in their decision; they will not make any disciplinary actions against Solo until a final verdict in her domestic violence case has been reached.

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