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Not many people have heard of the new up and coming sport called Footgolf. This game is pretty much just like a regular game of golf except it involves more soccer aspects. To play this game, you play eighteen holes like a regular game of golf, but they are larger in order to fit the soccer balls that you play with. You go through the course alongside the regular golfers and from your starting point you do your best kick as far as you can towards the flag.


Footgolf is actually becoming very popular and is known throughout the world now. They have created leagues for this sport in many countries, and you can even be part of the AFGL (American Footgolf League). So if you like soccer and want a new fun way to play, then go try footgolf at the Visalia Valley Oaks Golf Course by Plaza Park. The cost is $5 to play and if you need to rent a soccer ball you can do that for an extra $5 or bring your own. You will need good tennis shoes and NO CLEATS on the course. Be prepared if you go in the heat and bring water with you.


Many people have gone to try this and have found out that it is quite a fun activity to do, “It was so fun and tiring, but it’s worth it to finish the course” (Brianda Fagundes). This sport is best to play with a nice size group of people that are not going to quit and it is especially fun to play in the cooler times of the year because summer makes it a little more tiring. Anyone who goes out to try footgolf will find it to be a fun new activity for you and all your friends.


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