Empty Casket Discovered in Florida


Staff Writer


A recent investigation took place in St. Petersburg, Florida regarding the deaths of dozens of boys at a reform school that is now closed. Anthropologists conducted this investigation expecting to find answers about the cause of death for many of the boys. One case they were particularly interested in was Thomas Curry’s. Thomas Curry is believed to have died in 1925. His family was told that he died from a crushed skull as a result of him running away from the school. However, Curry’s family was never really satisfied with this answer.

The reform school was called Dozier School for Boys. It was located in Marianna, Florida and was open from 1900-1952. In the 52 years of its existence, 100 boys died there. Half of them were buried on school grounds and the others were sent home to their families. There have been shocking testimonies from former students. Some of these men claim that the school officials were abusive and very harsh on the young men. They have even accused them of some of the deaths that took place.

Thomas Curry’s family allowed for an exhumation to take place in search of answers. When anthropologists reached the young boy’s grave, 6 feet under ground, they were shocked to find no remains in the casket. What they did find was pieces of wood. This caused great chaos throughout the town. There is no way the boy’s remains could have disappeared. An even further investigation is now taking place in search of Thomas Curry’s remains.

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