Children abandoned in cars


Staff Writer

Every year young lives are lost to the blind negligence committed by adults. I am referring to adults leaving their children in cars. While they use this brisk thirty minutes to go pick a few things up inside Walmart, their child, defenseless, is left to be trapped in the smoldering heat of the vehicle. The parent comes back only to find their child dead. It is a tiresome story told every year around summer time and then fades into the fall as the heat decreases. Why is this same problem occurring every year? That is a question that will never be answered as child abuse can never be justified.

This year alone, 29 children in the U.S. have died of heatstroke because of being left in the car. Only 20 states have laws that address leaving children in cars, the remaining 30 have yet to take this course of action. Many citizens are unaware of the drastic jump in temperatures within the outside and the inside of a car. Say a vehicle is sitting in the parking lot. It could be 80 degrees fahrenheit outside, but the temperature inside the vehicle could jump to 123 degrees inside. What may seem as a harmless trip into the store may lead to the death of your child. Is this information really necessary? Do parents need to be reminded not to leave a defenseless child inside a car? It seems that it would be common sense. However, many people seem to lack that.

The course of action to take here that sounds most reasonable, is to make parents responsible.

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