American Horror Story: Freak Show


Staff Writer


American Horror Story isAHS Freak Show Review back with its new season, Freak Show! After the endless waiting, the new season premiered October 8th. Many viewers enjoyed the first episode while some thought of it as a let down. I personally have enjoyed all of the previous seasons of AHS, but I was not the biggest fan of the first episode. Perhaps it was because I developed high expectations for the show. I found the episode confusing and  was constantly lost on what was going on.

However, I continued to watch the next episode because I hoped for the second episode to be better than the first. As hoped, the second episode was increasingly more interesting and overall great! The whole episode was a mixture of horror, comedy, and drama. The second episode would definitely bring pleasure to any fan of the various genres. I was extremely happy that I did not stop watching after the first episode because then I would have missed out on how great the second episode was! Besides being a total babe, Evan Peters does a phenomenal job of playing a hero to his fellow “freaks” by trying to make the world an accepting place to all people. As well, we see tension build up between Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson’s characters. This episode really announced to the audience what some of the main conflicts that the show will focus on. All in all, I truly found the second episode to be far more interesting than the first.

After being disappointed in the first episode and being led back in on the second, I will continue to watch this amazing American Horror Story series. I highly recommend for all to watch the show, but be aware of the gruesome scenes that are shown throughout the show. I definitely have developed a greater interest in this season and can’t wait for what else Freak Show has to offer!

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