Abandoned Newborn


Staff Writer


A baby who had just been born was found abandoned in a dumpster that belonged to the Sunnyside apartment complex in Merced. A man who was coincidentally looking for recyclables in that particular dumpster yelled for help when he saw the newborn gasping for air.

The screams caught a couple’s attention because they lived just a couple feet away and went over as fast as they could. The couple, who are Annette and Jimmy Alvarez,  arrived and flashed a flashlight, noticing the infant wrapped in a thin towel and also covered in trash. Jimmy grabbed the baby and noticed the infant crying, gasping, and trembling due to the time she had spent in the cold dumpster. Jimmy wrapped the baby in his shirt while he called the police. Once he got in contact with the paramedics he asked if he could name her Milagros, since it means Miracle in Spanish. The infant still had the umbilical cord attached to her and was only a few hours old when found.

Annette, who helped find the infant, burst into tears when she explained to the news that if it was not for that man searching for recyclables, the infant would not have made it.

The authorities have located the mother of the newborn and she appeared to only be 13 years old. They investigated to see if the teenager really was pregnant and if she had recently given birth as well. The young girl admitted to knowing that she was pregnant and to recently giving birth, but her mother, on the other hand, said she had no idea. For the girls safety she has been turned over to the Merced County’s Child Protective Services.

Annette and Jimmy Alvarez have already started to make certain moves in wanting to adopt the abandoned child. Since the child still remains in the hospital , they tell them that she will be perfectly fine. They both have also decided to keep her name as Milagros as her being a new miracle to them in finding her still with life, and can’t wait for the day until they can hold her once again.

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