The Death of Three Football Players


Staff Writer


In the previous week, three high school football players have died due to severe head injury related to football. This came from three different states; 16-year-old Tom Cutinella, and 17-year-olds Demario Harris and Isaiah Langston have all been victims to the violent game. Was it just a freak accident? Or is football in question for the safety of participants everywhere? The schools, communities, and families have been questioning whether the sport is too dangerous for the children who play, even if for recreational use.

There have been thousands of reports of concussions and head injuries related to football, and the question haunts, is it even worth it? If you ask any high school player they can tell you coincidentally that football is their life. Any player could argue how much football means to them, or how much fun it is to tackle other sweaty players in 15 pounds of pads.  But these recent deaths, of very young students I might add, have shocked the world of sport precaution and safety. Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have heard of severe injuries and even death in the game of pigskin. From the perspective of a concerned parent it is easy to say to cut all sports, for that matter, that lead to serious trauma. Completely cutting all football in high school is not necessary and would lead to tremendous uproar in players and fans- but a significant change in the safety of our players is definitely necessary. Sadly it takes the death of these beloved students to realize that the game our peers are participating in, is none-the-less safe.

Though football is extremely popular in the life of the average high school student, it could use some re-examination in the area of safety. All in all, the lives of these players will be missed, and safety for our players is a necessity.

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