Social Experiment


Staff Writers

Shelby and Kayla Car

Recently we have done a study addressing the stereotypes of society. Not only does this pertain to judgements of social class, but to gender. Every experiment needs the materials in order for a result. Our key factors consisted of two cars, an old beat up mini- van, and a nice new 2014 Ford Fiesta, with two different types of people, one middle aged white male and one teenage Asian girl. We started off this experiment on Mooney, one of the busiest streets in Visalia on a Saturday afternoon, attempting to see who will help a broken down car in need.

The girl driving the Fiesta was first to participant. After three attempts to receive help, we soon realized that a young girl got help each time and will most likely always be helped in a situation like this. Then, we did the same experiment, but with the older white male in the old mini van and the results turned out to be quite different. People would rather help the sweet innocent looking girl rather than the possibly suspicious man in the old beat up van. In many similar circumstances involving the male, there were people witnessing his issue, but then simply moving on as if they did not see a thing.

Other research studies we found showed closely related results where the man is ignored due to fear, or because people assumed he was able to get by on his own, but when they saw the girl they would immediately help her out. This social experiment allows people to see the way our society works, where looks are everything and people are materialistic, and if you come off too scary or if you fit into a certain stereotype or class that isn’t socially accepted, then you will not be treated fairly.


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