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In Golden, Colorado, the Denver school board refuses to change review plans for U.S. history courses. There have been multiple protests from the parents and students who have fought over the way the school system has been changing, and how unfair it has been to the students. A school meeting was held Thursday evening with hundreds of people crowding in the parking lot protesting, and yelling “Resign!”, “Recall!”, “Recall!”

The majority of theJaqueline Grajeda people voted to move forward with the review classes, except two women on the board who opposed. There has been a new approach to the Advanced Placement history classes. Students feel as if the classes focus more on just memorizing facts and not actually learning. They feel that these classes, that are supposed to help prepare you for college, should have more focus on actually discussing  historical events.

Ken Witt, the school board President, believes that the reason parents and students are so aggravated with the school system is because teachers get a raise based on the performance of the students. Therefore, the teachers would rather you focus on memorizing facts so it’s easier to pass the tests, which in the end benefits the teacher if the scores are high.

Robert Gleason, one of the students parents, believes that the board shouldn’t be going by the Texas school district path which holds the majority of the new history standards. He thinks they should use the old framework instead.

The Board held a new meeting in which a few people attended to be there for support. They listened in a calm manner to hear what people had to say about the subject. Of course there were people who still wanted to say their opinion about this whole situation. Carole Morenz says,” History matters. Know the truth.” Sarina Phu, age 17, believes that the reason for protesting is because some of the nation’s greatest achievements were recognized because people protested them. Many people still want answers on why the board is not realizing that changing the school systems are not beneficial for all the students.

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