Lunch Time


Staff Writer


Lunch is probably the time of day Marisolmost of us students look forward to. As we sit in class we daydream about what we are going to have. Sadly, lunch only lasts about 42 minutes and that is not enough time for the majority of us. Lunch lines are terribly long here on campus. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get our food and by the time we are ready to eat, it is already 1:05PM. By this time, we are feeling pressured and rushed because we want to finish our lunch with enough time to use the restroom before class. This means we only have about 10 minutes to eat. This is excluding all the catching up we have to do with our friends since lunch is the only time we can truly chat with them. However, this is hard to do with food in our mouths and the clock ticking. Lunch is the time for us to take care of academic issues as well and we do not have nearly enough time as we truly need.

Many people are not satisfied with the lunch that is being offered on campus and end up going off campus. This gives us even less time to eat. Considering the fact that the best fast food restaurants are about 7 minutes away, on average, it has to be a speedy process. This does not include traffic. Many of us get caught up with traffic and arrive to the place we have been craving with just enough time to order and head back to school. When are we supposed to eat our lunch? Food is not allowed in classrooms, therefore many of us end up eating on the way back: rushed and uncomfortably. Of course, it is not mandatory to go off campus. However, individuals who are very picky with their meals should have the liberty to go off with enough time to either eat at the restaurant or eat at school: free of judgement. Proper digestion means having enough time to eat one’s food at a good pace; not in a rush. It is not good for one to eat fast; this keeps the body from correctly digesting food.

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