Boys’ Water Polo


Staff Writer


On October 8, 2014 our boys water polo team, El Diamante, played against Lemoore’s boys water polo team. I talked to one of our players from the El Diamante team, Greyson Canterbury, and asked him how he felt before playing against them and his response was,

“We lost against them 1 time before in a tournament, and we felt like it wouldn’t be an easy game to them.”

I then asked how he felt actually playing against them, if they had felt confident when they were actually going against them and he said,

“Felt confident, pretty excited because we were tied with them, then at overtime we scored a buzzer shot with 7 seconds left. Felt really pumped after that.”

Then I asked him how he felt after they had won the game against Lemoore’s water polo team, he responded,

“Felt pretty excited because of that intense shot at overtime, it turned the game around and felt pretty awesome after that.”

Our boys water polo team won with the score of, 14-13. Seems like a pretty close game, but glad that our Miners won!

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