App Addictions


Staff Writer

Teachers constantly question students why they feel the need to be on their phones 24/7; the answer is we’re addicted. It’s not just the cell phones students are addicted to, it’s the apps they spend 110% of their time on. After asking multiple students, the top three most commonly used apps have been found. So what makes these apps so addicting?

In third place is the Pandora music app. The Pandora app allows users to listen to music when connected to the internet. The app allows you to search for specific stations such as Top Hits, R&B, Rap, Miley Cyrus, etc. With these stations, you can listen to that specific artist or genre. Pandora also gives listeners a certain amount of skips per station to bypass songs disliked by the user. It is also an option to rank the song by giving it a thumbs up or down. By giving the song a thumbs up the station will play songs similar to that specific song. By giving the song a thumbs down, the station skips that song and plays a different artist.

Ranking second in the most app used, is Twitter. Twitter is a social media app that allows students to connect with one another through posts or “tweets” of 140 characters or less. Users can “retweet” or share a post from someone else with their followers. They can also “favorite” tweets they liked. Twitter also allows users to post pictures to share with followers. Each user has their own profile that shows their tweets, followers, a profile picture, and a small biography about themselves.

The most commonly used app by students is SnapChat. Users of the app can take a picture of themselves and others and send the picture to a friend they have added. SnapChat can connect to your contacts to find new friends. The only thing about this app is that as the picture is taken, you choose the amount of seconds that the friend who receives can see it. After that, the picture is deleted forever, unless your friend takes a screenshot. Users can also save pictures from the app and make them part of their “story” which allows all of your friends to see it.

These are the apps students spend most of their time on. Although they may just seem to be a distraction, they are an addiction.

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