Top 10 Best Halloween Movies


Staff Writer

Fall is here! The weather may notMichelle Perez exactly be in the fall spirit, but it is October, which means it is time to get in the Halloween spirit! Halloween movies are essential, whether they are extremely horrifying or extremely cheesy, people never get tired of them. You can watch a Halloween movie when you’re at home sick, when your plans are cancelled, or when you don’t have a date to Harvest…, basically whenever! Although, with all the Halloween movies available it is hard to choose which one to watch. People have offered to share their opinions on what movies are their all time favorites.

To start off, the Halloweentown film series is an all time favorite. The movie has an effect of bringing back some childhood memories because even then it was a favorite. As well, each Halloweentown is filled with comedy, drama, and overall joy. The second all time favorite is Hocus Pocus, which is definitely one of the highest recommended witch movie because of its comedic tone.

Continuing on, the third and fourth best Halloween movies are Casper and the Addam’s Family. The two best family movies involving a friendly ghost and a disturbed yet hilarious family. Another family movie that seems to be everyone’s favorite is Twitches because it could be a great bonding experience with your sister and perhaps bring you two closer with its twin witches. Zombieland is sixth when it comes to people’s favorite because it is a mixture of horror and comedy. The movie will make you jump at one second and have you dying of laughter the next. Moving on to some movies that are more on the scarier side, Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are seventh and eighth. However, it is highly recommended to be very cautious before watching these movies because they are rated R for a reason!

The Nightmare Before Christmas is the ninth favorite even with the involvement of Christmas. However, this movie is a Tim Burton classic that involves Halloween and will get you ready for Christmas. Coming in tenth place, yet is still considered a great movie, is Scream! Mostly known for the mask that you’ll see worn on Halloween, it is also an enjoyable thriller.

Now being aware of the best Halloween movies, sit down, grab your favorite snack, and enjoy October watching your favorite cinema.

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