Girls Golf Tournament


Social Media Manager

This week girl’s golf played in a Hanford Tournament. The tournament took place Monday October 6th and it lasted from 2 pm to 5:30 pm. The tournament was away and was up against five other schools. The Lady Miners did not have the best outcome, coming in 5th place. However, the girls have been having a great start to their season coming in 2nd place in the tournament they played in last week, also in Hanford. The girls played a nine-hole game and Kaley McLain, number two on the team, scored a  total score of 52. Golf is one of the sports offered on this campus that many students may not understand. One golf game can be nine holes, or it can be a full game of eighteen holes. The women tend to play nine hole games and men play eighteen holes. The scoring in golf is also different compared to other sports; the lowest number is the best score. After the tournament McLain states “Surprisingly, we have done really well this season compared to the last few years.” McLain has been a part of the team since she was a freshman and is finishing off her last season here at El Diamante as a senior. The girls then celebrated the last tournament in Hanford, after playing there the last few weeks, and took a trip to Superior Dairy which is a valley favorite for ice cream. This is a tradition for the girls and is also a memorable treat for the seniors on the team to end their last year. Majority of the girls who are seniors have stayed committed to the sport all four years. They have all grown close and have now one more week left with the season and then the girls will hopefully progress to area.


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