Upcoming drama spring show


Staff Writer

This coming weekend, El Diamante’s Drama Department is putting on The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, a comedic play by Don Zolidis as this year’s annual spring show. Miners, be sure not to miss this darkly funny show featuring all the famous fairy tales told in their original form…with a twist! Audience participation is a must and there will be something for everybody.

Tickets are on sale for seven dollars at the door, for two performances. One in the evening on Friday, May 2nd and a matinee on Saturday, May 3rd, each at our theater.  After several weeks of rehearsal, set building, poster promotion, and much anticipation, drama instructor Robert Young and his performance class are very excited to debut their play.

Vanessa Culpepper is a senior at El Diamante and has participated in drama all four years of high school. For this production, she plays the role of Cinderella. “It’s a pretty good show and I hope the audience enjoys it,” she says. “Honestly, the cast is really nervous, but from my experience I’ve seen that theater literally is magic. You start with nothing and pull out this great big something. Even when it seems like no one is prepared, everyone pulls it together opening night. It’s this great big effort to not be terrible where everyone can see you: the open stage. So with that kind of pressure it usually works out. And if we’re all making that effort then it should work. That’s been my experience every time. No one wants to put on a bad show, so even our gross inaccuracies with timing and preparation, we could still put on a good show.”

This will be the third production put on by the drama department, under new direction by Mr. Young. The fall comedic one acts, [Insert Pun Here] and the annual Improv Show were both very successful and received much laughter and praise. Even with all the pressure put on him, Young remains confident. “I’ll admit, I’ve been losing sleep over this show. Playing out scenes and scrutinizing minor details in my mind. But my class hasn’t disappointed me yet and I’m hope we hit another homerun on this one.”

If you have been enjoying drama’s productions all year so far and want a night of fun and laughs, grab some friends and definitely check out the show!


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