Best employee discounts


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With summer quickly approaching, everyone is now on the hunt for the summer job. Some of the perks of working are the employee discounts one can receive from the location. Here are some of the best retail companies that reward their employees with amazing discounts.


The first location with the overall best employee discount is American Apparel. With its preppy style, employees are expected to dress in American Apparel from head to toe. With this, every person who is hired gets $200 to spend on items only in the store. As if that is not generous enough, employees get 50% off anything in the store at anytime and 60% off items that have been out for about 2 weeks.


The second retail company is J Crew. Employees get five items every month that will be sold to them at 50% off. After that, every item in the store is 30% off, and sale merchandise is half off. In addition to that, there is a list of slow selling / overstock items released each week that employees can get 60% off on the retail price.


The third best place to work is The Gap. The employee discount varies from 30-50% off, but is offered to not only The Gap, but also Old Navy and Banana Republic, because they are all owned by the same company. So not just one discount, but three! It does not get any better than that. In addition to that, employees also get discount cards that offers discounts to family members and spouses.


The last place that offers a great employee discount is Abercrombie and Fitch. Full time employees are rewarded with a 40% discount on every item in the store. Part time employees are offered 30% discounts all throughout the store. Not only that, but employees are sometimes given an opportunity to buy a specific outfit for half off when the company is trying to promote it.


Its amazing to see that such high end and famous companies do a great job at taking care of their employees. Everyone looks for a generous discount when they apply for a job, so its nice knowing that you are being rewarded well for the hard work you do. With that being said, it is now time go to find that perfect summer job!


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