Celebrating fifty years of Jeopardy


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Jeopardy by Maddy Heeszel

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Jeopardy, the game show that many of us are familiar with, is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary as of March 30th. Since Jeopardy is one of the many game shows to continue this long, it has overall been successful and loved by millions.


Since 1964, Art Fleming had hosted Jeopardy up until 1975 when the game show begun to take an unsuccessful dive, leading it to be forced off-air. An all-new Jeopardy aired back on television in 1984, starring Fleming once again, failing for a second time before being replaced by Alex Trebek, the current Jeopardy host. Trebek has now kept Jeopardy up and running for almost thirty years and still continues to keep the show alive.


Throughout the years, many Americans can say that Jeopardy has been, and still continues to be, a huge hit. “It’s still the best mental exercise on television,” says professor Steve Beverly from Tennessee, “It has one of the greatest play-along capacities. And if you are sitting at home, and you are good on respective categories, it gives you as a viewer the ability to sit there and say, ‘You idiot!’ when a contestant misses the question.” Jeopardy has a capability of educating their viewers while providing quality entertainment, all in one show.


Out of every trivia game show out there, Jeopardy was still on the top, even towering over Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The unique game-play of Jeopardy left millions of Americans watching back-to-back episodes; you could not stop just after one. Many people find that this show is also great to watch during family gatherings or at a dinnertime. It’s a show fun for the whole family, even for the little ones.

Trebek still happily hosts Jeopardy and most likely will for many more years. We hope that even after Trebek’s hosting, we can still keep Jeopardy alive. Even students at El Diamante High School have been growing up with this game show. Millions of Americans are still intrigued by Jeopardy’s capability of airing for so long on television after its temporary downfalls and struggles to gain support. It rose from an unsuccessful game show to a popular one in just a matter of time. While many shows on television are quite recent, we can gladly say that even the older shows are still treasured and loved by many. Fifty years of Jeopardy and hopefully another fifty more to come!

College admissions

by Yailin Ledezma

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Envy has risen within several provisional college students towards a 17-year-old Long Island student who applied to all 8 prestigious Ivy League schools, and got accepted. Yes, Kwasi Enin got accepted to every single one, from Brown to Yale. The William Floyd High School senior was in complete amazement as the yesses kept arriving.


It is rare for anyone to apply to all 8 schools, yet Enin accepted the challenge and went forth with his applications. Enin, a violinist and an aspiring physician, scored 2,250 out of 2,400 on the SAT, which placed him at the 99th percentile overall. His counselor was bewildered with his idea on applying at all of the Ivies and even commented, “My heart skipped a beat when he told me he was applying to all eight! It’s a big deal when we have students apply to one or two Ivies. To get into one or two is huge. It was extraordinary.”


As of March 27, Enin began hearing back from schools. It was not until he opened up an email from Harvard, that he realized he had been accepted to each and every one of the schools. It was Kwasi’s immediate reaction to say, “This can’t be happening!” This kind of thing does not happen every day. Harvard alone has an acceptance rate of 5.9%, while Cornell accepts only 14%.


It makes one think, what type of students does a school like Yale want? Enin had several things at his favor, like being ranking at No. 11 of his class at William Floyd, with a class of 647.  Of course, his SAT scores came in and surprised many. Enin has taken 11 Advanced Placement courses. Apart from what he did academically, Enin is a musician, who sings for William Floyd’s acapela group. With his plans of studying medicine, following his parent’s steps, he also managed to volunteer at Stony Brook University Hospital’s radiology department. Many also believe that him being a first-generation American from Ghana also made him stand out from the others.


Now everyone has to wait and see which of the distinguished schools Kwasi Enin decides to attend this fall, as he’s waiting to see what school is offering the best financial support. Until then, students all over the country should take notes, and participate in such things as Enin did. And who knows, anyone could be the next “All Ivy” kid.


For more on the kid that’s all Ivy: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/ivy-league-schools-student-accepted-schools-perfect-sat-23139659b

Gardening tips: growing the perfect garden


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Gardening tips by Maddy Heeszel

This photo was taken by MADDY HEESZEL.

Now that springtime is here, the weather is perfect for growing plants and flowers. Growing and maintaining a garden may seem like a difficult task, but it can be quite easy if you know what you are doing. While growing is easy, and is common sense for the most part, there are still many things some people do not know when gardening. Here are some quick and helpful tips on how to grow a successful garden:


1. Take the time to read the instructions on the seed packet.

If you are growing plants or flowers from seeds, it is important that you read the instructions on the seed packets. Many people like to skip the reading and jump right into the gardening, but that is not always the best way to go. Be sure you are aware of how large your plants may get, how far to space them away from each other, how much light or shade they may need, and any other important needs they may have.


2. Don’t over or under water.

Most plants and flowers need to be watered daily, sometimes multiples times a day if the weather is really hot or humid. Unless you are growing a cactus or succulent, which only need to be watered once every few weeks or months, then your plants will most likely need to be watered on a daily basis. The best way to know if your plant needs water is if the soil near it is light brown. Keep your soil dark and moist, but do not flood out the plant. If there is extra water near the plant that the soil is not absorbing, you are probably over watering. Another way to know if your plant is being overwatered is by looking at the color of the soil and the plant’s leaves. The soil will turn green, and the plant’s leaves will start to fade in color if it receives too much water. If that is the case, simply cut back on watering.


3. Give your plants plenty of space.

Some people start planting their plants in pots or containers rather than in the ground. If you plan on doing that, you will need to transfer your plants into a bigger container or in the ground if they get too big. You want the plant to have enough room to grow and not crowd in the small space you put it in. Unless your plants or flowers stay pretty small, transferring them is important. Plants are really good at indicating space. If you give them little room to grow, they may stop growing as big as they should. If you give them a lot of space, they will spread out more. It all depends on how big you are allowing your plants to grow, but either way, they will adapt quite easily.


4. Keep your plants away from pests.

One of the biggest annoyances while planting is dealing with pests. Pests such as gophers, snails, squirrels, and even your own pets can damage your plants. When dealing with rodents or insects, utilize any insect-killers, rat traps, or any other tools to get rid of them. If you are growing tomato plants, planting marigolds around your tomatoes will prevent snails. If your pets at home are stepping on, eating, or digging up your plants, be sure to set up a barrier – either by placing a fence or wall around your plants or by placing your plants in an area where your pets cannot reach them. Do some research on how to prevent pests from encountering your plants. There are thousands of different pests out there, and it is always best to know what kind of pest is harming your plants and how to prevent them. Different plants may attract different pests, especially if the plant produces any fruits or vegetables.


5. Keep your soil healthy.

Fertile soil is the key to a successful garden. Almost any type of soil can become fertile, if not already, if you take the proper steps to do so. Use a shovel or rake to mix up the soil you are using, either from the ground or from a bag. Add water, and continue mixing and adding more water until the soil becomes a dark brown color. Do not allow the soil to become muddy or watery. Once you take these steps, the soil should be perfect for growing in. Never grow plants in an area where the soil is rough and dry unless you do the steps above. One of the best bagged soils to use is Miracle-Gro. Miracle-Gro can be found in bags as small as eight quarts and as big as two cubic feet. Even bagged soil should be mixed and watered before placing into any pots or containers for planting.


6. Be patient.

Some plants and flowers grow and bloom fairly quickly, but others may take a lot longer. Flowers such as pansies and marigolds are very delicate and may shrivel up and die even after a successful sprout. Plants of that sort are very needy and hard to maintain. Some of the best and easiest flowers to grow are cosmos, zinnias, and dahlias. These plants can handle heat pretty well and sprout fairly quickly. Some plants will even begin to sprout after just a few days if taken care of properly. Never expect your plants to be full grown or filled with fruit, vegetables, or flowers in just a few weeks; it takes months or even years, depending on how large the plant is supposed to be, for a plant to be full grown.


With these tips, you will be able to grow a wonderful garden this spring. Growing plants is quite easy, and you don’t even need a “green-thumb” to do it. Making sure your plants are taken care of should be your top priority when maintaining a healthy garden. Be sure to make use of any other information regarding your plants in order to provide them with the proper needs. Have fun growing your garden!


Best employee discounts


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With summer quickly approaching, everyone is now on the hunt for the summer job. Some of the perks of working are the employee discounts one can receive from the location. Here are some of the best retail companies that reward their employees with amazing discounts.


The first location with the overall best employee discount is American Apparel. With its preppy style, employees are expected to dress in American Apparel from head to toe. With this, every person who is hired gets $200 to spend on items only in the store. As if that is not generous enough, employees get 50% off anything in the store at anytime and 60% off items that have been out for about 2 weeks.


The second retail company is J Crew. Employees get five items every month that will be sold to them at 50% off. After that, every item in the store is 30% off, and sale merchandise is half off. In addition to that, there is a list of slow selling / overstock items released each week that employees can get 60% off on the retail price.


The third best place to work is The Gap. The employee discount varies from 30-50% off, but is offered to not only The Gap, but also Old Navy and Banana Republic, because they are all owned by the same company. So not just one discount, but three! It does not get any better than that. In addition to that, employees also get discount cards that offers discounts to family members and spouses.


The last place that offers a great employee discount is Abercrombie and Fitch. Full time employees are rewarded with a 40% discount on every item in the store. Part time employees are offered 30% discounts all throughout the store. Not only that, but employees are sometimes given an opportunity to buy a specific outfit for half off when the company is trying to promote it.


Its amazing to see that such high end and famous companies do a great job at taking care of their employees. Everyone looks for a generous discount when they apply for a job, so its nice knowing that you are being rewarded well for the hard work you do. With that being said, it is now time go to find that perfect summer job!


Colbert to take Letterman’s Show


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After David Letterman announced that he would be retiring as host from The Late Show sometime during 2015, CBS also had an announcement to make. Stephen Colbert would be taking over the The Late Show and following in the footsteps of Letterman. Colbert has been the host of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report since 2005, so hosting a show won’t be a new thing for Colbert. Would he still use the character from Comedy Central? To some, sadly, that would be a no.


Colbert has been mentioned as the most plausible candidate to take Letterman’s place on The Late Show. With the announcement from Letterman about his retirement, Colbert swiftly became the consensus pick for the show. Letterman was very happy that Colbert was chosen to take his place. In a statement, Letterman showed his support for CBS’ decision, saying that Colbert had “always been a real friend to me. I’m very excited for him, and I’m flattered that CBS chose him,” Letterman said. “I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses.” Also Les Moonves, President and CEO of CBS Corps., stated “David Letterman’s legacy and accomplishments are an incredible source of pride for all of us here, and today’s announcement speaks to our commitment of upholding what he established for CBS in late night.”


Sadly however, The Late Show would compete with his current show’s timeslot, thus once he moves to The Late Show, Colbert would no longer be doing the Colbert Report or have his friend Jon Stewart as a lead in with his show, The Daily Show. We all look forward to what Colbert will bring to The Late Show and even he had that last laugh about the announcement.

“Simply being a guest on David Letterman’s show has been a highlight of my career,” he said. “I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave’s lead. I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth.” We are sad to hear The Colbert Report will eventually end but we wait hopefully for Colbert on The Late Show.