Breaking the junk food addiction


Staff Writer


Turning away food is hard, especially junk food, if eaten on a daily basis. For most, it’s just a simple sweet tooth, but can actually form into an addiction for some people. The temptations of all that salt, dripping fat, and sugar coated candies are hard to resist. So what does it take to break the addiction? Is there anything we can eat as a substitute for all of the bulging amount of calories we intake by unhealthy foods, or should we just learn to go without the extras and practice healthier diets?


Keeping a food journal is one way to kick off a healthier diet. You can write down everything you’re eating on a daily basis, with calories recorded as well. This keeps track of what you’re putting in your body each and every day. It helps to keep one aware of exactly how much food they are consuming. It seems more lengthy when you see exactly everything you write down.


Another way to do it is just determination to break the habit altogether by going with healthier alternatives instead. A good habit is formed by keeping to it, and over time the old habit will eventually break. Sometimes accepting the fact you need to make better choices for yourself to stay healthy is enough for some people to make those improvements. Have fruit instead, or eat veggies. Measure out the serving size, know how much calories are in the foods you choose to eat.

If you keep to these tips the results will be drastic and the results will be appealing! Starting a healthier diet and getting rid of the junk food can be hard, but just think of what you better yourself with at the end.


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