Preventing Seasonal Allergies


Staff Writer

Seasonal allergies by Maddy Heeszel

This photo was taken by Maddy Heeszel.

Now that the season of spring is here, so is allergy season. With the smell of pollen and fresh flowers filling the air, there’s no doubt that this season will bring many people undesirable symptoms of watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose. Fortunately, these symptoms can be prevented in a few ways, so you can still enjoy this season without feeling rundown.

1. Keep your home clean. In order to prevent pollen from being transferred into your home, you need to make sure to keep the indoors clean. This means consistently changing your bed sheets, vacuuming more often, and dusting off your furniture weekly. It seems like a lot of work, but you will find that a simple clean-up around the house will be a huge help during the spring season.

2. Increase your immunity. The main key to avoiding seasonal allergies is to make your body immune from them. Taking vitamin C supplements on a daily basis is a huge helper, considering that it improves your body’s immune system. Another supplement that helps tremendously is taking probiotics. Probiotics are substances that contain live bacteria (healthy bacteria) that helps you to fight off illnesses, diseases, and of course, allergies. You can find probiotics in pill form or even in a powder form in which you can pour into any drink. Vitamin C and probiotics are both great things in helping during the allergy season because of their ability to strengthen your immunity.

3. Wash your hands often. It’s important to keep your hands clean to avoid transferring pollen to your eyes, nose, or mouth, which would definitely increase your chances of having seasonal allergies. When you keep your hands clean, especially after being outdoors, it’s a lot more difficult to catch allergies from pollen and other allergy-causing, outdoor substances. The best way to keep your hands clean is to wash with soap and warm water and to take advantage of hand sanitizer.


These simple tips can help with preventing seasonal allergies. Even though doing these three things won’t necessarily make you 100% immune from allergies, it’s always best to be prepared. Be sure to keep hand sanitizer, tissues, and allergy medicines near in case you suddenly get symptoms of allergies, just to be safe. Spring time is a lot more enjoyable when you aren’t dealing with allergies!

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