Preventing Seasonal Allergies


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Seasonal allergies by Maddy Heeszel

This photo was taken by Maddy Heeszel.

Now that the season of spring is here, so is allergy season. With the smell of pollen and fresh flowers filling the air, there’s no doubt that this season will bring many people undesirable symptoms of watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose. Fortunately, these symptoms can be prevented in a few ways, so you can still enjoy this season without feeling rundown.

1. Keep your home clean. In order to prevent pollen from being transferred into your home, you need to make sure to keep the indoors clean. This means consistently changing your bed sheets, vacuuming more often, and dusting off your furniture weekly. It seems like a lot of work, but you will find that a simple clean-up around the house will be a huge help during the spring season.

2. Increase your immunity. The main key to avoiding seasonal allergies is to make your body immune from them. Taking vitamin C supplements on a daily basis is a huge helper, considering that it improves your body’s immune system. Another supplement that helps tremendously is taking probiotics. Probiotics are substances that contain live bacteria (healthy bacteria) that helps you to fight off illnesses, diseases, and of course, allergies. You can find probiotics in pill form or even in a powder form in which you can pour into any drink. Vitamin C and probiotics are both great things in helping during the allergy season because of their ability to strengthen your immunity.

3. Wash your hands often. It’s important to keep your hands clean to avoid transferring pollen to your eyes, nose, or mouth, which would definitely increase your chances of having seasonal allergies. When you keep your hands clean, especially after being outdoors, it’s a lot more difficult to catch allergies from pollen and other allergy-causing, outdoor substances. The best way to keep your hands clean is to wash with soap and warm water and to take advantage of hand sanitizer.


These simple tips can help with preventing seasonal allergies. Even though doing these three things won’t necessarily make you 100% immune from allergies, it’s always best to be prepared. Be sure to keep hand sanitizer, tissues, and allergy medicines near in case you suddenly get symptoms of allergies, just to be safe. Spring time is a lot more enjoyable when you aren’t dealing with allergies!

Dance Show


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Dance Show, Jennifer DominguezOn March 20th 2014, the doors at L.J Williams theater opened for the spring annual Dance Show,“Turn Up The Music”. Many proud parents and friends filled up the auditorium with flowers and posters for their talented performers. The performers danced contemporary, modern jazz, tap, folk, lyrical, and hip hop. It was an outstanding show! There were 27 dances overall: 6 of them were solos, 3 duets, 2 trios (one being a guest performance), and 16 group dances. Some of the most memorable performances were “Bound to You,” performed by freshman Georgia Crites, and “Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down,” performed by freshman Leiana Petlewski.

Georgia Crites did 7 performances, one of them being her solo, “Bound to You”. During her performances, she felt like she did a good job, but she believes that there are always things she can improve on. She also felt that as a whole group they did a great job because they used a lot of facials and worked very hard while performing. Before her last performance on March 21st, she thought of some ways to improve from her last production. She said, “I am a little nervous for my next performance because there were some mistakes, but that gives me another chance to improve them. I also don’t want it to be our last performance because we’ve gotten so close and I wish we could do more”. When asked if she was going to do dance next year or continue her dance career she responded, “Next year I will not be dancing with InMotion because it interferes with the dance company I’m in. Next year I will be competing with my studio, Dancers Edge. Dance is a part of my life and I would not be complete without it. I dance over 18 hours a week”.

Leiana Petlewski had 6 performances, one of them being her solo “Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down”. During her performance, she felt that she performed at her fullest potential and did well. She also felt that the group worked well together not only as a team, but also as a family. They relied on one another and had a great time together. Before her last performance on March 21st, she thought of some ways to improve from her last performance. She said, “Tonight, for my next performance I could be much more emotionally focused, which will help me convey a message through my dancing. I just need to remember that it is the last time I will ever be performing most of these dances, so I need to pour all of my heart and soul into my dancing”. When asked if she was going to do dance next year or continue her dance career she responded, “Dance is not only an activity, it is a part of my life and my personality. Without it, I would be lost. I will continue dance through high school and would love to major in it in college and have it be part of my career”.

Overall, the El Diamante spring annual Dance Show was incredible. The 27 performances were amazing and well choreographed by dance teachers Kara Ford and Jennifer Story, Elda and Miguel Balderas (ballet folklorico), and Isaac Saesee (guest performance). So congratulations to all the performers on the excellent jobs they did on their performances!


Stopping Online Tracking



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Chandler Darling- onlince monitoringOnline tracking is a constant fear of most people. With all the new video cameras and all of our computers, iphones, samsungs etc. connected to the internet all the time, people often fear that they are being watched by either a person who can hack a computer or the one of the government branches. It has actually been released by the government that they are able to monitor our phone conversations and online activity. Not only that, but other social media services are required to keep information on all of their users. With everyone’s fears on these issues, people are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves from being tracked. There really are multiple ways to keep yourself from being tracked. You are actually able to encrypt your browsing, and that keeps people from tapping into your data to see personal information. Now you can do this a few ways: you can simply put HTTPS in front of your URL, orgo in the settings of social media sites (like facebook or twitter) and click the box that says to use a secure version. Basically whenever you go to a website, make sure you are using the secure version.

However, you do not only need to worry about people tracking you through social media if you simply install a good antivirus for your computer to keep people from stealing your IP address, your computer’s personal serial number that identifies your computer. There are hundreds of different ways to protect your computer and yourself from being tracked by either the government or by hackers. However, since there are so many different computers and operating systems, there is no universal key way to protect yourself. The farther we go into a technological world, the harder it will be to keep from being tracked.


Band Concert


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Band Concert-JoannaOn the night of Tuesday March 18th, El Diamante’s band program was proud to present a collection of musical literature known as The Classical Music Education Association Home Festival. It was held at 7 pm in the evening at our theater and was open to parents, friends, family, and supporters of the band program. Before beginning, band director Mr. Tackett announced that this concert was actually performed at LJ Williams Theatre a few weeks before, but because it was during the day, and so many parents work, it was being presented here so those who missed the first showing had the opportunity to see it now. Two groups of performers, the Concert Band and the Wind Ensemble, played six songs, three each, of beautiful, original pieces of classical literature.

Joseph Mellow, a junior at El Diamante, plays the French horn in the Wind Ensemble and the mellophone in the marching band. Shortly after this concert, he shared the behind the scenes of our band performers and what it means to be apart of it all. He said, “I feel that because of the help of our band director Mr. Tackett that we are starting to sound like professional musicians as our superior ratings from our last festival can show.” That his group has come a long way since the beginning of concert season.

Mellow said, “ It feels more intimidating as well as more professional than being more lackadaisical and relaxed to when we perform in front of the ones we care for, but we still have fun in performing in front of either,” in regard to this particular concert. Joseph says that as a junior, how far he himself has come in band, and what he feels is in store for next year, “I feel that I’ve came along into band in becoming a better musician and have gotten more respect and recognition from Mr. Tackett compared to when I was a freshman. Also that what I feel is in store for next year, is being one of future section leaders of the mellophone section for concert season, is going to be fantastic and something I’ll never forget after I graduate from highschool.”

All in all, the Concert Band and Wind Ensemble did an excellent job in The Classical Music Education Association Home Festival. Family and friends should be so proud of all their hard work and talent. El Diamante’s Band Program amazes us once again!