The benefits of acupuncture


Staff Writer

The benfits of acupuncture by Maddy HeeszelAcupuncture is a traditional Chinese method where thin, nearly painless needles are put into the body at specific points to stimulate areas in order to balance out your body. These needles are left in for approximately a half hour and then removed. Acupuncture can be used to help just about anything, physically or mentally, such as depression, anxiety,  infertility, arthritis, obesity, back pain, drug addiction, or even something as simple as acne. If you have a temporary condition, such as a headache or cramps, acupuncture can be done as a one time thing, or if you have a nearly permanent condition, such as a mental or physical disorder, then this process can be done gradually once every month or so. Depending on your condition, acupuncture may have to be done about every month for a year or longer to fully heal your body.


Most people tend to rely on doctors to get treatment, whether the treatment is safe or not. Unlike doctors, acupuncturists take the time to evaluate your symptoms and then give you treatment specialized for your condition. Doctors simply try to fit your symptoms to a certain procedure or treatment that may be closest to your symptoms, but it may not be what you really need. Medication prescribed by a doctor may be unsafe and have several side effects while acupuncture treatment is much safer and more reliable, but it is a more gradual process. Everything done for an acupuncture patient is individualized; the entire process of acupuncture will all depend on your body’s needs.

The best thing about acupuncture is that it not only helps to relieve your symptoms, but it also helps to balance out the rest of your body. Those who have acupuncture will have lowered blood pressure, soothed indigestion, will be less prone to illness, among several other factors. This traditional treatment has been a huge help to many. “Chinese medicine is called traditional because it follows accepted medical methods and has proven explanations for it’s effectiveness,” states Dr. Carina K. Kwong, a licensed acupuncturist from Center for Integrated Medicine in Visalia, “At its core, it is based on a medical philosophy that views the body as an integrated whole of mind, body, and spirit.” The goal of acupuncture is to balance out your entire body, not just to fix your symptoms, therefore, it will help you overall, which is what makes this procedure so effective.

Even with many different treatment methods out there, acupuncture is one of the safest and most natural forms of healing. Acupuncture is also one of the oldest medical treatments, dating back to around 2400 B.C., compared to doctors whose methods are still pretty recently discovered. With treatment as powerful and safe as acupuncture, we all should turn towards it rather than always relying on doctors to cure our back pain, depression, or whatever it may be.

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