Super Bowl 2014

Super Bowl 2014


Staff Writer

Super Bowl 2014 left us all in shock with a 43-8 score when the clock ran out. The ability of the Seahawks defense to control the Broncos offense the entire game is what made the game worth watching. This was hyped up to be the best matchup of this season, the number one defense in the league facing off against the number one offense in the NFL. From kick off till the last quarter, the Seahawks proved their dominance.

The Seahawks were on top for all, but 12 seconds of the game and even with the seemingly easy win, there were still plenty of plays that will go down in SuperBowl history.  I don’t think anyone will be able to forget the huge mess up made by the Broncos at kick-off. Most fans will remember Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown which gave Seattle a two score lead. This touchdown was crucial in crushing the confidence of the Broncos. Yet another play that chipped away the hope of Denver was Harvin’s 87 yard touchdown return. Another priceless moment was Malcolm Smith’s 69 yard interception return for a touchdown in the second quarter. This is where the critics will say that QB Manning choked in the biggest game by choosing to fling the ball under heavy pressure from the Seahawks. Smith was quoted saying, “Obviously, Peyton is a great quarter who gets the ball out fast, but we play with a speed they haven’t seen before.”

Although the game didn’t reach our expectations the famous over the top commercials definitely did! As always the car commercials were in competition with each other, taking more risks with each commercial break! It’s nearly impossible to decide which manufacturer takes the cake this year! Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Maserati and Audi each had entertaining and heart pulling commercials. The legendary Budweiser’s commercials made the top list for this years “puppy  love” take on their product. Another beverage company stole our hearts with a look at the beauty of diversity in America by Coca-cola. With over 100 commercials and countless actors and athletes starring in them it’s easy to see that these commercials will be remembered!

Overall, Super Bowl 2014 will be remembered for history making scores and plays made by both The Seahawks and The Broncos. It’ll also be  remembered for the amount of comical, heart warming, and speed racing commercials!

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