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After the President’s State of the Union address to Congress this past Tuesday, a New York reporter interviewed New York Congressmen Michael Grimm about his thoughts on the State of the Union address. Initially the Congressman was responding accordingly and calmly to the questions being asked by the reporter, but he went off topic and started questioning the Congressman about an alleged funds scandal that he is under investigation from the Department of Justice. That scandal may have occurred during his 2010 campaign for congressman, but at that point in the questioning the Congressman said “I’ll throw you off this f—n balcony.” This exchange occurred on the Capitol Hill balcony after President Obama’s State of the Union address. The Congressman, a retired Marine and FBI agent, defended himself by saying he would only answer questions about the State of the Union address and that the reporter showed very little professionalism due to the Congressman’s previous statement of that he would only answer questions about the State of the Union and how accurate he believes the Address was. Congressman Grimm also stated that he probably isn’t the first congressman to do this and he surely won’t be the last.

The next day Congressman Grimm apologized to the reporter. He himself called the reporter and offered an apology, the Congressman said that he was very grateful for the reporter forgiving him so quickly. Grimm later stated that he and the reporter will have lunch just to make sure this incident is behind them.The Congressman also jokingly said that his Italian mother will be yelling at him because of this incident. Later that day the reporter confirmed in a tweet saying that Michael Grimm did call him and apologize, he said that Grimm stated that he did indeed overreact to the questioning. The reporter also said in the tweet that he did accept the apology. The reporter is not pressing any charges on the congressman because it was merely a heat of the moment comment and threat and the reporter also said that there was no substance behind the threat and that he is not concerned about any physical altercations. The reporter said that the Congressman’s reaction was startling and unexpected. The reporter also mentioned that he is a New York city reporter and is used to resistance, just not that kind of resistance. Everything that was said between the reporter and Congressman Grimm is behind the two of them and they are both on good terms, well as good of terms as a politician and reporter can be.

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